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Bill To Help Nonprofits Financially

A new bill could save nonprofit organizations in Texas millions of dollars each year.

Representative Leo Berman, (R) Tyler, introduced the bill to allow jail trusties to help nonprofits by doing things like setting up for events, mowing lawns, and cleaning windows.

Many nonprofits had been using trusties all along, not knowing it was illegal.

"I literally got dozens of calls," Berman said. "But this is a state-wide thing. There are nonprofits all over the state, thousands of them that were saving millions of dollars each year in lower-level maintenance things."

HB 129 has already passed in the House and Senate.

The Texas house has also passed a $139 billion state budget for the coming two years. The spending plan, as well as HB 129, now goes to Governor Rick Perry for his approval.

Julie Tam, reporting.


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