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Gladewater Soldier Home From Iraq

      An east Texas soldier who has seen the death and destruction of war in Iraq, has come home to mourn for his own family. Its a bitter sweet homecoming for Army staff sergeant Steven Steele, on his first leave home from 13 months in Iraq, but back on emergency leave because his stepmother died.

      "I'd kind of like to be home on different circumstances I'm kind of blending both together i haven't seen my family for a really long time" says Steven.

     An 8 year veteran, first in the regular army, them in the guard, and now back in regulars, Steele has been through the worst of the fighting in Iraq as part of the first infantry division, better known as the "big red one". Married with 5 children, he's made the sacrifice of being away from home to see the good that's been done in Iraq.

    "I've seen the Iraq army go from a bunch of guys who didn't have a purpose,to their starting to handle their own missions, been a lot of lives lost and it would make it worthwhile if it is for a good cause if they do stand up and make their own government" says Steele.

       He arrives home just in time for his mothers birthday.

     "It feels great its the best birthday present i could ever have, very proud of him in think he does a fine job, he has great abilities" says his mother Jan Greenwood.

     Though his time home is short, Steele is making the most of it.

     "Now being able to see them, to hug them, is a wonderful feeling" hes says. Steele returns with his family to duty in Germany on Monday. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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