Gift of Love Adoption: Mia and Isaiah

Gift of Love Adoption: Mia and Isaiah
The Gonzalez family of 8!
The Gonzalez family of 8!

(KLTV) - Siblings 2-year old Mia and one year old Isaiah get to spend the holidays with their new forever family. It was recently made official by during National Adoption Month in Smith County. Proud dad Rafael Gonzalez says adoption was always part of their family plan.

"We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to adopt," adopted dad Rafael Gonzalez said.

14-year-old Ethan is their only biological child of the now family of 8. 
"We have one biological child. Then we adopted 3 boys and then we have finally a little girl and another boy so we have five boys and one girl," adopted mom Jeana Gonzalez said.

Jeana is a registered nurse and it's been a perfect fit for her growing family's needs.

"God gives us strength for what we need and what he has called us to do," Jeana said.

Almost all of her children have special needs and challenges they face on a daily basis.

"Our biological child has Cushing Syndrome and a pituitary tumor. So we are waiting on his second surgery to remove the tumor. Then our first son that we adopted, we adopted him when he was 2, and he was born really premature and he has lots of medical problems. He has a feed tube leukemia and has lots of lung problems. Then when he was 3 he was diagnosed with leukemia," Jeana said.

But, they say 6 year old Eli is doing great!

The second boy they adopted, 9-year-old Joshua, has autism and behavior issues. Their third son 5-year-old Andrew has Selective Mutism which means he refuses to talk in public. Then there is Mia and Isaiah.
"Mia, the little girl is a spit fire princess runs the world. The baby has Cerebral Palsy and possibly a seizure disorder. But he is doing really well. He is walking. He's making a few words so we are so excited," Jeana said.

The Gonzalez family has fostered more than 20 children in their home.

"Foster care is not for the faint of heart but it is very very rewarding," Jeana said.

The five children the Gonzalez family adopted were the only ones available for adoption.

"We started with one but we ended up with five so I think that's it for now," Rafael said.

An amazing family that has shown the Gift of Love not once, but 5 times!

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