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Buckeyes To Get Turf

The Gilmer football stadium is finally catching up to the quality of it's team. Work is already underway to build a new stadium entrance, new concessions and new bathrooms. The Gilmer school board also accepted a bid this week for nearly $830,000 to install state of the art Field Turf on the football field, and replace the track. Plans for a new field house, as well as expanded bleachers are also in the works. Athletic Director Jeff Traylor says Gilmer has been behind with their athletic facilities for some time, and is proud they will finally reflect the quality of the kids.

"We're excited about the turf for many reasons," said Traylor. "The whole community is going to be able to use it. The band is going to be able to use it. Studies have shown that injuries go down on the field with your head to the ground, impact, the knee and ankle injuries. We can use it every day, whereas in the past, you save the football field for five nights a year, and that always seemed kind of silly to me, so this is going to be good for everybody."

Work on the stadium is expected to begin Monday and be finished in plenty of time for the Buckeyes home opener September 2.

Kevin Berns reporting.

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