Better East Texas: Are college food pantries a good idea?

Better East Texas: Are college food pantries a good idea?

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Remember when Senator Bernie Sanders proposed free college tuition?

The offer did help Sanders gain some votes and the topic resonated with Hilary Clinton but omitted from the discussion was real details on how a president could make this happen – in other words – politics as usual. But since then, the discussion on continually rising college tuition rates has remained in the spotlight.

If you attended college or if you just go back to when you were just starting out on your own, there were days and nights that were longer because of a lack of money – and – sometimes you possibly went hungry. Well the topic – known as food insecurity – is real to the point that some college campuses have created food pantries for students.

It is a novel idea but is it really the best idea? The stats support the need. In a survey of 3,000 students, 48 percent of them had some amount of food insecurity, and most of these had jobs so it is hard to say they are lazy but are they now being conditioned for some type of subtle entitlement help that may follow them into their adult lives.

Perhaps you have a young person in your family or you remember back to that time of life – it was when life said no that the greatest lessons can be learned. Now it is hard to judge with a broad stroke but we don't need to further condition kids that there are no challenges in life or that life won't demand sacrifice.

Ultimately, those types of lessons are the most valuable and they truly are tuition free.

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