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Tardis appears at LeTourneau University

(Source: KLTV News Staff) (Source: KLTV News Staff)

With students crashing for finals this week at one East Texas university, the campus had a strange distraction show up: a piece of equipment depicting something from a science fiction program that has a cult following: Doctor Who.
"I was excited when I saw it. It was a welcome relief walking and seeing this as I was on my way to finals," says LETU engineering student Ancel

Earlier this week, a Tardis replica from the Doctor Who science fiction show mysteriously turned up, and it's been the talk of the campus.

"I was super excited to see it. I love when things like this happen on campus, it breaks up the monotony," says student Sydney French.
  A man on campus called 'the Doctor" shed light on what it does.
"The Tardis stands for time and relative dimensions in space. The temptation to abuse this kind of technology can be absolutely overwhelming. You can go back and fix any mistake. Some of the things you change can alter the flow of history," he says.

On the premise that one day time travel will happen, students formulate where they would go.
"Having finished the finals, I would like to go back and do the second last questions because I now know the answers," says bio-medical engineering student Issac Orao.
"I'd go forward in time to when I finished my degree," French says.
"England, around 1876," Carson says.
"I would go to visit Napoleon," says student Tyler Finn.
University officials say if you drop by, the prop may or may not still be on campus, depending upon what dimension it's in.
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