Better East Texas: Electors have responsibility to voters

Better East Texas: Electors have responsibility to voters

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - It has been 16 years and the election of George W. Bush since we have had an ongoing legal wrangle over the process of electing a president for these United States.

Currently we have recounts, lawsuits and more but the process, has pretty much been intact. But recently, a member of the Electoral College representing Texas announced that he will not follow the vote of the people in the Lone Star State. He has come out and said he will not vote for Donald Trump when the Electoral College assembles on Dec. 19.

I suppose it is his right to do this as Texas is one of several states that does not require the Electoral College representative to vote the way of the majority of the popular vote. But it is certainly a break in tradition and these electors truly have a responsibility to follow the will and lead of the people. They are not elected themselves but they ultimately hold the key to the castle in combative elections such as the one we just experienced.

All that said, the electors in every state should follow the will of the people in their state and Texas really needs to address this by enacting a law that requires the elector to vote with the state – no matter which party wins. If we decide the Electoral College is still relevant then its structure needs to be updated to reflected a modern world and it starts with each state addressing and fixing loopholes in the process.

We are in a time when the improbable is happening all around us and a little structure will preserve our democracy and way of life.

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