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ETMC Paramedic On "Oprah"

The reunion of an East Texas paramedic and the woman he helped to save, was shown Thursday on national television.  Wednesday, KLTV told you the amazing story of survival of a Waco woman. Her face was ripped off by a bullet, shot at her by her boyfriend.

Thursday, the story of Carolyn Thomas was presented to millions on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." She was joined by Dale Yates of East Texas Medical Center. It was the first time Dale met Carolyn. Show producers found out the two had never met and told Dale, Carolyn had been wanting to meet the man who helped save her life.

"I just like to thank him," Carolyn said on the show. "It's a blessing to finally meet you and just thank you for doing what you did to save my life and I know you did everything in your power to save my mother's life. Just thank you and God bless you."

"We thought she was dead," Dale said, holding Carolyn's hand. "The young lady has a heart of a lion, she has a will to live that I've ever seen before. She's done us all very proud. Look at her, you know, look at her. She's a survivor."

Dale, the paramedic, said he and Carolyn were able to speak at length on the flight back from Chicago. He said the two have made plans to speak and visit with each other again.

Maya Golden reporting,

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