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Exercise Saved His Life

At 62 years old, Bob Stone looks fit as a fiddle. But he wasn't always so slim and trim. "Well at one time I weighed 260 pounds," he says. The extra weight took a toll on his health. He suffered from diabetes, and that led to even more health problems 2 years ago.

"I had 4 strokes and I had 60 to 75 paralysis on my right side," he explains. No one expected Bob to survive. "I left the hospital with no hope. I had 2 doctors tell me I was dead and didn't know it," says Bob.

But Bob didn't want that death sentence, so despite his paralysis "I started exercising and I gradually improved," he said. Two years later he's still taking steps to better health. And with each stroll he takes weight falls off. He's now 170 pounds. The exercise even helped his paralysis. Now he's lifting weights and on the road to full recovery. Bob's doctors say he is a medical miracle. By eating right and exercising he changed his future.

His diabetes is under control. He just hopes his story encourages others to take their health seriously because it can be a matter of life and death.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.  mmortensen@kltv.com


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