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Senate Confirms Owen For Circuit Court

The drama surrounding the nomination of Priscilla Owen came to a head, as U.S. Senators finally cast their votes. The deal hammered out by a group of 14 lawmakers from both sides of the aisle cleared the way for this contentious vote.

It has been no small effort to get to this point. For four years, Owen's nomination to the federal bench has been stalled. She has been subject to nine hours of hearings, answered more than 500 questions and endured 22 days of floor debate. The log jam was broken, as moderates in the Senate reached a deal to move ahead with the vote.

But the plan was not universally popular among all lawmakers.  Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist remains skeptical of the deal.

A Texas Supreme Court Justice, highly rated by the American Bar Sssociation, Owen's nomination has become the focal point in a partisan battle that many have charcterized as the latest skrimish in the culture wars between conservatives and liberals.
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