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Decision In Tyler's Case Against CenterPoint

The battle has lasted years. The City of Tyler has been asking for refunds on behalf of residents because of what they call "price gouging" by CenterPoint Energy. On Tuesday, that battle was decided, in favor of CenterPoint. Early this morning, close to forty Tyler residents boarded a bus to join city officials for the final hearing in Austin in front of The Railroad Commission.
The Railroad Commission allowed both sides--the City of Tyler and Centerpoint Energy-- time to address the commission; their closing arguments in the rate case. After three hours of debate, the decision came down in CenterPoint's favor. 

Tyler residents who had made the trip were so frustrated they left the room seconds after the decision was read. They did not even return to see the commissioners approve the final examiners report. 

The City of Tyler says the fight is not over. They still have 20 days to file a "motion to appeal." And there's one other thing that still has to be decided: Who will pay the millions of dollars of legal fees in the case? A hearing to decide that is scheduled for June 21st.
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