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"Does It Work?"-5/24/05

Salon Bronze: "Does It Work?"

This week we're testing a product that promises to give you a healthy looking tan, without the sun, without the tanning beds and without the orange palms. It's called Salon Bronze. But "Does It Work?"

Airbrush tanning at home that's natural looking and lasts 7-10 days. Salon Bronze says its "Evenspray" technology prevents the streaking you sometimes get with self tanning lotions.

Emily Biggs and Natalie Everett helped us test it. Emily has an established tan. Fair skinned Natalie hasn't started on her tan just yet. The Salon Bronze starter pack gives you two cans of the spray and you get the applicator. It comes with two sponges to apply the bronzer on your face.

The girls read through the instructions and we got started. They popped in a can of the bronzer and per the instructions, sprayed out a little on a paper towel to get the can started. Natalie went first. She had some trouble pulling the trigger and moving the gun in an even motion at the same time. On her right leg, she got quite a few splotches, big brown dots which Emily jumped in to repair. Eventually, Emily took over the whole spraying process for Natalie.

Minutes later, we had a tan line where Natalie's shorts met her leg. Emily, had no trouble spraying the product on herself. She had her legs coated in just a couple of minutes. After their legs dried, which takes about five minutes, we sent Natalie into private quarters where she could spray her entire body.

Results? Emily, with the established tan, sprayed only her legs. They were a little bit darker than they were when she walked in the building. Results were okay.

Natalie had sprayed from neck to toe. She was a little darker and liked the fact Salon Bronze sprayed on evenly. "It kind of worked," says Natalie. "It's just there's just one color and people tan different colors. I'm a different color than that, so that's why it didn't look as real as it should."

"For me I would rather tan outside or in a tanning bed or something and get a more even tan and tan my color," says Emily.

Both girls gave Salon Bronze a "maybe."

That was on the day we sprayed. There's an update!

Both girls told us it took less than a week for the Salon Bronze to completely fade. And our fair skinned Natalie is especially happy about that, because hers turned a little orange. Neither were really happy with the product. Neither would use it again. So, this product's actually leaning very heavily toward the "no" side of "maybe."

We paid $19.99 for the Salon Bronze applicator and two cans of the product. Extra cans cost 9 dollars.

It's available online, at Target or at Walgreen's.

Joe Terrell, reporting.

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