Better East Texas: Respect the flag

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Recently, a story broke about a college in the northeast that has removed the U.S. flag from being flown on the main flagpole of the university.

Hampshire College in Massachusetts is a private college that is known for very liberal policies and curriculum. The story started after the college decided to lower the flag to half-staff as a reaction to tone of the election.

Who knows if they would have done the same if the outcome had been different? Soon after the half-staff decision, the flag was vandalized and burned. The college responded by removing the flag entirely from the main flag pole.

As disgusting as the action is, people have the right to burn the flag but when an organization chooses to disregard the country in this way, there should be some recourse. Now, this college is a private college that has little or no tax dollars in-bound to the school. But the school is supported by several public universities that do receive public monies.

God bless the veterans that peacefully protested at the college but, at this point, it has done no good. Perhaps the only thing that will move the college back to a respectful position will be to hit them in the pocketbook. Either way, it is so sad that an organization of higher education would have this type of public display of dissension.

We do need to encourage rights-respecting thinking and actions but we also need to encourage respect for country even if you disagree. If we lose that respect, we lose everything.

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