Gift of Love Adoption: Amiya

Gift of Love Adoption: Amiya
Amiya's Adoption Day
Amiya's Adoption Day

(KLTV) - She has the spunk and the sass! Sweet Amiya stole their hearts from the very beginning.

"Amiya is a loveable child, vibrant, beautiful baby with a lot of personality," Amiya's adoptive mother LaTonia Bell said.

And now it's time for her to celebrate with her forever family.  Amiya adores her older brother and sister.

"I'm so excited I've wanted a sister my whole life. And basically had to wait until I was an adult to get on," Amiya's sister Alexandria Way said.

The family of 5 has enjoyed all sorts of adventures with Amiya from carousel rides to trick-or-treating on Halloween. She was even in a pageant! Amiya has come along way from when she first moved in with the Bell family.

"She was living under a bridge. Only eating chips and soda. She was very much neglected," Bell said.

The Bells have fostered 15 children but Amiya was the first that was available for adoption.

"We have been fostering for 4 years.  Amiya needed us. She did," Bell said.

And they needed her. Amiya's new older sister says Amiya was her saving grace.
"She came in to our life when I was a really, really low and she just picked me up," Way said.

Amiya is now surrounded by the Gift of Love  and agrees saying she is the best gift ever!

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