Better East Texas: Trump parade

Better East Texas: Trump parade

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - President-elect Donald Trump continues his very public parade of potential administration appointees.

This has been a very different and very "out there" process and Trump even seems to be influenced in some ways by public opinion on some of these appointees. It may work out fine in the end, but in the present, there is a lot of back and forth.

Some of these meetings include former rivals and it is fascinating to see how these former foes – both Trump and the interviewees – have been able to bury the hatchet – on the surface. Politics brings people with very different agendas together and unites them in some way. But politics are not necessarily the best guide for human relations.

As people in families, fellowship and in business, we must careful not to expect that people can truly forgive and forget. It is just not that easy, especially when there has been blatant and even personal disagreements and even attacks similar to what we saw on the campaign trail. Trump continues to tweet caustic messages and it is concerning that this will become the new normal for social media users – especially on a personal level.

We all need to watch our words and actions in our personal and professional lives because the example of politics that is currently taking place is not reality – it may be actually be closer to reality TV – which disregards reality.

Human relations is tricky business and today, in our social-media based world, our words do impact more than sticks and stones.

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