Hot Hands: Winona Wildcats turn up the heat for a historic playoff run

Hot Hands: Winona Wildcats turn up the heat for a historic playoff run

In the past three years, the Winona Wildcats have developed from a team that could barely keep up into a state championship  contender.

"Going from 1-9 to 7-4, didn't have a good regular season this year, but it doesn't matter until the post season. We're 3-0 right now, looking for four," said Braxton Kincade, senior quarterback.

"It's a great feeling right now. Once they got that first gold ball they were like kids in a candy store, they wanted more," said Keylon Kincade, Wildcats head football coach.

Leading the program to one of it's most successful playoff performances since 1986, isn't just a big deal for Coach Kincade. It's a big deal for his son Keylon Kincade Jr. and nephew Braxton Kincade, who have helped the offense to 140 points in the playoffs alone.

"Really whenever I'm at receiver, I'm his go to. Then when I'm at quarterback he is my go to," said Keylon Kincade Jr., sophomore wide receiver.

"It's pretty good, he's a reliable source to throw it to. He has pretty good hands," said Braxton.

It's not just the multi-talented Kincades who have stepped up in the postseason. His last name doesn't even start with a "K", but running back Dee Wheeler turns the Wildcats into a triple threat.

"If Braxton in trouble he knows that, it's like we read each others mind, I'm right there for him to throw a little ditch pass. It's good, we always know what each other are going to do because we grew up together. We know each other like the back of our hands," said Dee Wheeler, senior running back.

Preparing for their state quarterfinal match-up against undefeated Gunter, these cats will still have to bear an underdogs tag. But they've already done what football does best for a community,and for family.

"It comes from their pours how proud and how happy they are that they can have some pride in their football team. Just to walk around Tyler or the East Texas community and say we're in the fourth round," said Coach Kincade.

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