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East Texas fire that forced busy street to close still under investigation

Flint fire (Source: KLTV News Staff) Flint fire (Source: KLTV News Staff)
Flint fire (Source: Viewer photo) Flint fire (Source: Viewer photo)
Flint fire (Source: Viewer photo) Flint fire (Source: Viewer photo)

An East Texas homeowner tells us gasoline near a fireplace led to his house going up in flames.

Monday afternoon, multiple departments responded to the fire on old Jacksonville highway, near flint.

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No one was injured, but part of old Jacksonville highway had to be shut down for hours while the fire was being put out.

Neighbors tell us the situation could have been much worse.

Bradley Mcquigg says he had to act, with his street blocked off and no way to get to his home.

"I took off running all the way down the street from there. Making my way through and talking to a few of the constables along the way letting them know hey that's really close to my house I've got to get by here," says Mcquigg.

Mcquigg did get to his house as the fire continued to burn.

"It's scary too because you think about I've got kids. the neighbors next door to me have got kids," says Mcquigg.

The homeowner, telling us off camera, that he had put diesel and gasoline in a fire, to start it and  left a gas can too close to his fireplace. He says the house went up when he was working in his backyard.

"And then you've got destruction of a mass proportion," says Mcquigg.

Across the street Deborah Rowden also had just gotten home when the fire started. She snapped pictures as firefighters worked right across the street.

"One or two went inside that house while it was blazing, it looked like from here they disappeared into the smoke. It was a blaze. It was shooting right in the middle of the sky, right in the middle of it. That poor house," says Rowden.

The Smith County Fire Marshals are taking a look at that house and trying to piece everything together.

"It was so hot and so much smoke last night that we are continuing the investigation today," says Wasson.

As they work to figure out the final cause, Mcquigg says he’s just glad the fire was put out.

"The wind the way it was yesterday...that wind could've caught and instantly just, ignited all of these pine trees next door and we could've had a fire all the way down the side of the road,” says Mcquigg.

The Smith County Fire Marshal says, at this time no charges have been filed.
She says they will have to investigate more before they call the fire an accident.

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