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Beauty Bust or Beauty Must: Nail Polish

Tiffany Hawkins doesn't polish her nails often because she claims the polish never lasts long. "Normally about two days. Maybe three and then I have to take it off." The polish always seems to chip and crack. "It is just not very professional to have chips on your nails. It looks tacky," says Tiffany. 

So when we told her about Essie nail polish she wanted to try it. According to the company, Essie nail polish is chip resistant. It comes in hundreds of colors with catchy names like hot spot and iced chai latte. We gave Tiffany one of their most popular colors to try, East Hampton Cottage. First her Nail Technician Jenni Dudly places an Essie base coat, then the polish, then the Essie top coat. 
Once she was all dry the test began. One week later Tiffany gave us a call. The polish started to chip. But that doesn't mean she wasn't impressed. "I really liked it. It lasted longer than I thought it would last." She says nail polish has never lasted this long on her hands before. So even though the polish didn't live up to the 2 week promise, Tiffany still believes its the best polish she's ever tried. And at about seven bucks a bottle she says it is a real deal.

Michelle Mortenson, reporting.


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