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Fake, Counterfeit, Old Salon Products For Sale

Millions of people do it. Joann Hinsley has for years. "Shampoo and gel. Mainly Biolage," says Joann, buying salon products at a drug stores or supermarkets. "Usually cause it is the best price," she adds.

But that cheap price may come at a huge cost. The makers of some high-end beauty products say they were never meant to be sold at drug stores. In fact, it may not even be their product in the bottle, according to John Paul DeJoira of Paul Mitchell. "When you go to any drug store or supermarket you are running the risk of having something counterfeit, black market or very old," he told KLTV's Michelle Mortensen.

These counterfeit products aren't just cheap, they are potentially dangerous he adds. John Paul remembers one woman's painful experience with a fake Paul Mitchell product bought at a drug store.

"She sprayed it one her hair and skin and her eyes started burning. We got a hold of the bottle as fast as we could and had it analyzed and it was as counterfeit as can be," says DeJoria.

DeJoria says he's walked into drug stores and found products for sale he no longer makes. "There was a bottle we hadn't made in six years and it was already churning in the bottle when I saw it,' he says.

Most of the products sold at drugs stores are purchased from reputable suppliers which makes the sales legal, even though the products are most likely fake, old, or stolen.

Joann Hinsley was shocked to find out what she puts in her hair may be fake. "How does it make you feel? Cheated," she says. She says she won't wash her money away anymore buying salon products at drug stores.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting. mmortensen@kltv.com


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