Playing like its 1984: Union Hill one win away from a state championship appearance

Playing like its 1984: Union Hill one win away from a state championship appearance

The rain may have forced Union Hill to head for dryer ground, but practicing at Pittsburgh High School the Bulldogs were just thankful for another week of football.

"We prepare real good. We got here and practiced, watched film, and we just go over everything. Make sure we do everything right," said Gabe Nelson, sophomore running back.

It's been a wild ride for the this 6-man program, who has put up nearly 800 points while only allowing a fraction of that to be scored against it.

"We always say our aggressive is two different things, between their aggressiveness and our aggressiveness. You always play hard and play between the whistle," said Colton Wade, senior fullback.

First year head coach Shane Mallory inherited a team that was on the rise, coming off a 7-3 season in 2015. But the last time the Bulldogs had 12 wins in their back pocket was 1984. Now just win away from the state championship, these dogs are more than ready for a fight.

"We always had big dog Gilmer right down the down, who have been going to state for years. It will be kind of a big thing for us to go state," said Wade.

"We've been doing real good and people are just now getting to notice us, but it will come," said Nelson.

Looking to make a statement for East Texas, Coach Mallory knows that all it takes is consistence and heart.

"When we strap on the pads everyday we're going to do what we do. Do our best and what we do, and we've been fortunate that that's been good enough twelve times so far. Hoping for a couple more," said Shane Mallory, Union Hill Head Coach.

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