Gift of Love Adoption: Jacolbi

Gift of Love Adoption: Jacolbi

(KLTV) - What was a long journey to adoption only took a couple of minutes to make official as Smith County Judge Clark proclaimed 16-year-old Jacobi adopted by the Crow family.

He spent seven years in the foster system in Smith County and had for the most part given up on the idea of getting adopted. That is, until he met the Crowes.

"Just additional energy in the home! He's a good kid. And he loves to be a part of things, and we really just enjoy his sense of humor," adopted father Mark Crowe said.

The Crowes have helped several kids over the years but Jacolbi is their first adoption.

"We have had some miscarriages in our marriage, and we had talked about becoming foster parents because of that. Over years we have unofficially taken care of kids. And it's always been on our heart to do so," Crowe said.

So they decided to move forward with foster training and at the end of the training Jacolbi's picture came up. They knew he would be a perfect fit into their family.

"I just love the family and I started to love them more, and I got happy with that house," Jacolbi said.

Jacolbi's new family includes a mom, dad and three siblings. And he's an instant uncle! His 22-year-old sister is home with her 2-week-old newborn. Jacolbi is now a big brother to 13-year-old Aiden. Also, a part of the family is 9-month-old Harley who the family is fostering.
Jacolbi says his favorite part of being with his new family is just being together.

"Hanging out with each other, going out to eat and going on vacation. Just spending time with each other," Jacolbi said.
Jacolbi's future is looking bright with his new family in Houston.

"I'm planning to get a football scholarship somewhere in Texas. I'm thinking about the University of Houston," Jacolbi said.

So he can be close to his new family that is showing Jacolbi the true meaning of the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about other East Texas children available for adoption, call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.

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