Longview hosts gobble wobble run

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A chilly East Texas run this morning, with a goofy name, for an organization that helps those in daily need.

It was the annual 'Gobble Wobble' run along the Boorman trail in Longview.

Hundreds of runners and walkers, some using novel ways to participate, bundled up to make the 5 and 10-K runs.

The event benefits the Newgate Mission, which helps feed and offer basic needs to the homeless.

The run also keeps the plight of those in need in the public eye.

"I think people don't realize just how far reaching this problem is, and Newgate no questions asked, we are going to help people because we think we were specifically instructed to do so," says organizer Kristi Bogle-Sherman.

Around 5-hundred runners turned out today to participate in the event.

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