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Freedom Fighters: Walston/Dobbs Family

Although it was only a temporary loss, little Jaydon Dobbs lost both his parents to the war in Iraq. Jaydon was only six weeks old when his mother was posted in Kuwait and his father sent to Iraq. His mother's parents, Maureen and Buddy Walston and great grandmother Gigi Walston, shared in his care for over two years. Sometimes Jaydon would stay at Gigi's, other times at Maureen and Buddy's, and often he would go to work with Maureen. Jaydon is three years old now and back with his mother and father, Melissa and Jason Dobbs, who are home safe from the Middle East. Jaydon is too young to realize how much he inspired others to support our soldiers with letters, gift boxes and concern for military families. But someday he'll realize just how our "homefront" is every bit as important as our war front.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.


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