Proud of East Texas: Smocked Threads by Cecil and Lou

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - When sisters-in-law Ashley and Bythe McCain started their business, Smocked Threads by Cecil and Lou in 2011, they never dreamed it would explode like it has, in such a short time.

They were just mothers and longtime friends who wanted classy and unique clothing for their children.

"We've been in business five years and of course we started at zero. Now we're at 250,000 fans on Facebook and about 40,000 fans on Instagram and of course we have our website which brings in a lot of traffic," the McCains say.

A year and a half ago, Ashley and Blythe had to move their business from their dining room tables to a 5,000 square foot warehouse.

Although they no longer are able to work at home, the two sisters-in-law have, from the beginning, made their business a family affair, based on their children.

"I've got two, Louise and James, and that's where we got the names Smocked Threads by Cecil and Lou, Louise is my youngest and Cecelia is Blythe's youngest," says Ashley.

Since a lot of the intricately monogrammed smocked children's clothing is pre-ordered and shipped weeks afterward, a new company, Eliza James, also named after McCain children, has been opened to always keep items in stock.

"James is my second and Eliza is Blythe's second," says Ashley. "Right now I am collaging a photo for our 'like and comment'. We're selling these darling sweaters, little boy sweaters."

Even though the clothing, which is all designed by Ashley and Blythe, brought in customers through social media initially, innovative additions like twice a day auctions, the like and comment page, and give away items, make shopping almost like a fun game.

"We have thousands, it all depends on the popularity of the item," says Ashley.

The popularity of items like the boy and girls "bubbles" clothing have been a hit from the beginning.

"They're so cute. They show all their chubby legs and the moms just love them," says Ashley.

Blythe and Ashley design their clothing, which ranges from newborn to seven or eight years old, about six months ahead of time, they're working on a Valentine designs now.

As for opening new companies in the future, well I guess that depends on the birth of more children in the McCain clan.

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