Gift of Love: Brody, Madison and Sarah

Gift of Love: Brody, Madison and Sarah

(KLTV) - Brody, Madison and Sarah love to visit the playground.
"Swing on swings, slide on the slide and rock around on those bounce thingies, run, those are my favorite things," Brody said.
6-year-old Brody is in the first grade and loves to learn new things. He has a sweet heart and is thoughtful towards others. He loves playing with his toys and especially loves to write, color, and play with any kind of truck.

"Hot Wheels, remote control cars," Brody said.

He also loves anything Spiderman!  As for his future, Brody wants to be a scientist.

"Because they know how to make potion and stuff! What kind of potion do you want to make? Green potions, all those potions," Brody said.

Brody loves to talk and can carry on quite a conversation. He is a good big brother and is very protective of his sisters.

Madison is three and is somewhat shy. She loves to play with her baby dolls and play outside. Madison likes you to hold her and talk with her. She loves to sing the alphabet song, Jesus Loves Me, and Twinkle Twinkly Little Start.  Madison enjoys having her fingernails painted and has a little purse she likes to carry around.

Sarah is the baby of the group and just turned 2.  She is typically quiet and doesn't say much of anything, but she is talking more and more and she repeats what she hears her siblings say.  She likes to do what her brother and sister are doing and enjoys coloring.

All three children would love a family with some land to play.
"A house with a playground out in the backyard," Brody said.

And they all look forward to being adopted.

"I think it's important to be adopted because they teach you what to do when you get older," Brody said.
This sweet sibling group needs a family that is loving, patient, and structured.  They need a family that will love them and help them work through the difficult situation of transitioning to a new forever family.  But most importantly they need the Gift of Love.

For more information on how to adopt visit our Gift of Love home page, here.

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