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Military Wife Worried About Husband's Safety In Iraq

"He's very outgoing. He loves his job." Charity Smothermon is talking about her husband, 22-year-old Army Specialist Cody Smothermon, currently serving in Iraq. She says when they last spoke over the phone he asked her to send him bullets for his 9 millimeter weapon.

"He said because they have a shortage and they don't have any," says Charity. The request has been upsetting for Charity because: "Anything could happen at any time and if he doesn't have the ammunition on him to protect himself, who's to say he won't make it back."

The couple is expecting their first child together in November. Her high-risk pregnancy is making his return that much more important. Family friend, John Meyers, says he's already contacted public officials. "I think it needs to be investigated by an independent group to verify if they don't have the ammunition they need," says Meyers.

Charity says her husband's unit is moving to another area of the war-torn country. She wants to tell him she's not mailing him bullets, but the next time they talk by phone or mail is an uncertainty. "I don't know when it'll be. That's what worries me, him not having any personal ammunition on him, no phones or anything. When will I get my next letter."

KLTV 7's Christine Nelson spoke to Congressman Louie Gohmert by phone late Thursday afternoon about this claim. Gohmert says he talked directly to the general at the Pentagon who prioritizes where ammunition is moved. He says there is an adequate supply of ammunition in Iraq, especially for 9 millimeter handguns. He said they will look into making sure it's being distributed in a timely manner.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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