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Longview Sailor Home For Good

A Longview sailor is home to stay after four long years and two tours in Iraq, and comes back an American citizen! His commitment to the U.S. Navy is over and for 23-year-old Stephen Benson, being home is what he'd been waiting for, to do little things, like spend time with his dad.

"Oh its great, feels real good to be back happy to be back with my family my mom and dad, wife. I was a young 18-19 year old and it makes you grow up quick whether you like it of not whether you know it or not," says Stephen.

"Its just great to have him back as the man Stephen rather than the boy Stephen that left four years ago," says Stephens father David Benson.

English born, he went in only hoping to serve his adopted country, and he comes back a citizen of the United States.

"Actually, when I went in, I didn't know I could get it through the military," Stephen says.

He crewed the U.S.S. Boxer which transported marines to Iraq, which made his ship a target. We first introduced you to Stephen when he came home and got married in December 2003. Just days later he was called back to duty.

"They were married then within a week his ship was deployed and he was off again taking another load of marines to Iraq," says David.

"Wasn't the best feeling in the world, but i knew the reason i was out here was for her, for all of y'all for my dad, my wife," says Stephen.

Stephen plans to settle down in Longview and pursue a career in law enforcement.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com


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