Gladewater police release statement, body cam video of officer-involved shooting

Source: Gladewater Police Department
Source: Gladewater Police Department

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - Gladewater police have released more information on a fatal officer-involved shooting.

Patrick Wise, 34, of Gladewater, was fatally shot during a Saturday traffic stop near the intersection of East Lake Drive and Highway 80 in Gladewater. The officer involved, Officer Robert Carlsen, has been placed on paid administrative.

Vine said the move is in accordance with department policy. Carlsen will remain on leave pending the outcome of a Texas Rangers' investigation. Carlsen will undergo a psychological examination to determine his fitness for duty before returning to active duty, the department said.

Thursday, police released a statement from Chief Rob Vine detailing the incident and video from Carlsen's body cam.

"The purpose of today's press conference is to discuss an event which occurred this past Saturday morning, specifically the event which ended in the loss of a life. I would first and foremost like to state that I extend my heartfelt prayers to the family of the individual in this particular case for comfort as they cope with the loss of a loved one.

I have reached out to the family on more than one occasion and have invited them to my office to go over the facts of this event and had an opportunity earlier this afternoon to speak with a representative of the family and allowed him to review the video and audio from the body camera worn by the officer. I felt it was imperative the family be made aware of this information before it was made public information.

On Saturday, November 5, 2016, at approximately 12:47 am, Gladewater Police Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle in the 1300 block of W. Upshur (Hwy 80). As officers approached the vehicle, it sped off and led officers on a short vehicle pursuit. When the vehicle came to a stop a short distance later, the driver, 34 year old Patrick Michael Wise, white male, of Gladewater, jumped out of the vehicle and continued to flee on foot.

Gladewater Police Officer Robert Carlsen, who initiated the original traffic stop, pursued Wise on foot and after locating Wise gave him verbal command to "freeze". The audio portion of the body worn camera of Officer Carlsen reveals he then yells, "Taser, Taser" before discharging his Taser in an attempt to apprehend Wise.

Immediately following Wise can be heard at that point saying, "You missed, (racial slur)". It is believed the Taser did not have the intended effect during this incident. A physical altercation between Wise and the officer ensued and Officer Carlsen's voice can be heard on the body worn camera audio struggling to provide dispatch and responding officers with his location and can also be heard saying, "he's fighting me" — referring to Wise, who is the only other person involved in this incident.

The audio from Officer Carlsen's body worn camera reveals Wise taunting the officer on more than one occasion during this physical confrontation saying, "I've got your gun (expletive), what now (expletive)?" Officer Carlsen can be heard on the audio recording telling Wise he was just going to do a basic traffic stop, to which Wise can be heard saying, "Well you (expletive) up." 

Towards the end of the physical altercation Officer Carlsen can be heard asking Wise "Do you just walk away?" follow by the question, "do you want to go?" to which Wise replies, "Let me go now." Wise and Officer Carlsen can be heard discussing Wise leaving the scene and at one point during this exchange Wise states, "Don't (expletive) shoot me. If you shoot me, I swear to God, I've got a strap in my pocket and I'll (expletive) kill you".

Moments before the officer's weapon is discharged, Wise can be heard telling Officer Carlsen to "stay down" multiple times and states, "get on the ground now or I'm going shoot you." Officer Carlsen is then heard saying, "Alright, I'm down". Wise then states, "If you shoot me with that Taser, you're dead". Wise tells the officer to put the Taser down and Officer Carlsen says, "I don't have it bro see?" Officer Carlsen then says, "It's not on."

Officer Carlsen can then be heard saying the word, "please". Wise is heard saying, "Get away from me now" right before the officer discharges his weapon. After the officer discharged his weapon, EMS was requested immediately to respond to the scene. Wise was not transported by EMS to a hospital due to his being deceased at the scene.

An autopsy performed on Wise indicates that he was facing the officer at the time the officer's firearm was discharged. In addition to the body worn camera footage, independent witnesses to this incident have come forward and presented their testimony to the Texas Rangers. To reiterate, Texas Rangers are investigating this incident and will be presenting the facts as they are known, along with their findings of this case, to the Gregg County District Attorney's Office to determine whether or not the actions of the involved officer are considered justified and lawful. My department has and will continue to fully cooperate with the Texas Rangers.

Officer Carlsen is currently on paid administrative leave in accordance with department policy pending the outcome of this investigation and will undergo a psychological examination to determine his fitness for duty before returning to active duty. Wise, who is a convicted felon, had two outstanding felony warrants at the time of this traffic stop, one of which was for a probation violation related a previous narcotics charge. This incident is nothing short of tragic. Despite the decisions and actions of Mr. Wise during this encounter with law enforcement, those who knew him are experiencing pain with his loss and again, my heartfelt prayers go out to his family at this time. 

It my sincere hope that this exercise of transparency and demonstration of accountability to our citizens and to the laws we have taken an oath to uphold will reinforce the already strong show of support from our community that we enjoy and greatly appreciate as a department. The Gladewater Police Department stands with our integrity, our honor and our dedication to protect and serve this community intact. I thank you for taking the time to allow us to present the truth surrounding this incident."

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