Gift of Love: Damian's Adoption Story

Gift of Love: Damian's Adoption Story

(KLTV) - You might remember Damain, featured a couple of years ago on the Gift of Love. He is now adopted and enjoying life with his new family.

Damian's dads say he had many behavioral issues and was on six medications when he came to them, and now he has been removed from all medications except for two for ADHD.

The couple realized Damian needed a family that had love, understanding, patience and the tools necessary to teach him how to cope without being afraid. 
Damian is now doing well in school and even played football last season as number two on the Red Devils. Damian loves to fish with his dad and will fish until he falls asleep holding the fishing pole if you will let him fish that long. 
Damian was baptized this spring and is very active in the youth program at church. He embraces his new large family and loves to go camping and enjoys kayaking. His favorite place is the lake and that's even where he had his 13th birthday party.

His parents would like to share that Fostering, adopting, or taking on any child that is not yours has its challenges. It is okay to love, it's okay to open your heart, it's okay when that child challenges you and it's okay to take a minute to yourself when things get tough. Because when that child looks at you when they get out of the car for school and you hear the words, I love you daddy, it makes all of the struggles and tears, worth every minute.

Referring to his new forever family, Damian says it took me a while to get here but I'm in their hearts now. Superhero Hearts that are sharing the Gift of Love.

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