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5/19/05-Capitol Hill

Debate Continues Along With Compromise Effort

Formal debate on Texas jurist Priscilla Owen's federal appeals court nomination enters a second day. Meanwhile, senators from both parties are resuming their effort to avert a showdown over judicial filibusters.

They've so far been unable to strike a deal. One of the proposals being worked on by more than a dozen senators would allow some nominees to be confirmed. Others would be scuttled. As those talks continue debate is following a predictable course on the Senate floor.

Republicans have been arguing that the president's judicial nominees deserve an up or down vote. Democrats say the judicial filibuster is the only power they have with a Republican in the White House and congress controlled by the G-O-P.

The current debate could lead to a historic vote on banning judicial filibusters. President Bush nominated Owen to the Fifth U-S Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. She's now a justice on the Texas Supreme Court.

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