Faith and Football: Bishop Gorman dedicates playoffs to teammate diagnosed with a brain tumor

Faith and Football: Bishop Gorman dedicates playoffs to teammate diagnosed with a brain tumor

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Jon Broom arrived at Bishop German his junior year of high school. The change might have been difficult for others, but not for Broom.

"It didn't take long for Jon to make connections with people here at Gorman, because he is just that type of guy," said Daniel Schmitt, junior Crusader.

A multi-sport athlete, Broom will admit that football wasn't his first choice. But when he was presented with a chance to play he didn't shy away from the challenge.

"Lacrosse was his first sport, but he tried football and the brotherhood started and we became good friends," said Andrew Culpepper, senior Crusader.

Today, Broom just watches. It's all the doctors will allow him to do.

"I obviously did not expect to have a tumor my senior year. But now that I have [it], it really taught me the value of life. How quickly things can get taken away from you," said Jon Broom, senior Crusader living with a brain tumor.

Now dealing with a brain tumor he was recently diagnosed with, Broom understands that plans for his senior year have changed. However, he won't let it change him.

"I have to set an example, and that's pretty much the standpoint I'm going by," said Broom.

Staying true to his word, last Friday night Broom took the field for a final play.

"Immediately you saw a bunch of guys that were taught to have a macho type bravado about them, they were all rallied to him and hugged him and prayed for him. It was a really emotional scene," said Coby Gipson, Crusaders Head Coach.

While Broom can no longer compete, he will still be on the sidelines as Gorman prepares for a playoff run.

"He can't be out there so we're playing for him and laying it all on the line for him," Tate Reininger, senior Crusader.

"Every time we just do a play or anything we think about Jon and how are we going to do this. We'll win this for Jon," said Isaiah Milton, freshman Crusader.

"It's just amazing to know you have such a great support group. Even if it is cancer it's going to be beaten, no doubt," said Broom.

Broom will have to wait six months before he finds out whether his fight is over, or just beginning.  As he waits, he will continue to show those around him that faith and football are a combination that can beat anything.

"Faith just extends to all areas of life, and that's the reason we play football. We want to use that for His Glory and I know Jon Broom's life serves for that as well," said Coach Gipson.

"I know I have to finish this. It's the same thing with this tumor, I know I have to get rid of it no matter what," said Broom

The Crusaders begin their playoff journey against Grapevine Faith.

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