East Texas grieves for Kayla

East Texans continue to grieve the loss of Kayla Gomez-Orozco.  We were there tonight at the vigil held to remember the 10 year-old found dead, days after she disappeared from a church service in Bullard.  Doug Murray will have a new report tonight at 10 about how, even people who never knew Kayla, are supporting Kayla's family and one another through the difficult time.

Bob Hallmark will have a new report on the events that led searchers to discovering Kayla, near a relative's property and the person suspected in her death.

Lane Luckie joins us tonight with a new Power of Prayer report.  He's taking you on a tour of the faith-based housing being offered at an East Texas junior college.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is the man who can let you know what you can expect from weather where you live.  He's tracking the chances of rain.  Catch his new forecast at 10.