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Experts Say East Texas Mosquito Problem Worse Near Homes

Mosquitoes are starting to be a problem for some East Texans. This, despite a lack of rainfall this season.

The City of Kilgore has been fogging some of the areas around town where mosquitoes tend to breed every year. But, they have noticed fewer mosquitoes around soggy fields.

Instead, it's birdbaths, old tires, and normal household junk where mosquitoes are laying their eggs. From that, the threat of West Nile Virus can be just steps away.

"[At most] flood zones, the mosquitoes are removed from people.  They have to get bloodmeals from some other source, usually birds and/or animals. In the backyard, they usually go to the warmest thing around, and that's usually people,"  says B.J. Owen, Director of Special Operations for the City of Kilgore.

There have been 11 confirmed cases of West Nile virus in the state this year in mosquitoes, birds, or horses. Last year, 8 Texans died from the mosquito-borne illness

Morgan Palmer, reporting.


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