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Angel Network Recipients Cheer McCoy

Among the more than 150 people that greeted Neal McCoy today, many who have been personally touched by his organization, the "East Texas angel network". Tammy Bridwell's daughter Ashley suffers from "systinosis", a rare kidney disease, and is assisted by the network.

"We live with this child who has a chronic illness and its extremely hard its a huge financial burden, the network has come through they help us every month" says Bridwell.

Among his biggest fans, are those who are the "angels" themselves, who see him as their benefactor, and their friend.

"Well congratulations Neal, I really love you" says "Angel" Emily Snyder.

Financially helping families with children who have terminal or life threatening illnesses, the network writes an average of 150 checks a month, helping families pay rents , medical bills and utilities.

"We've had parents who have been down to their last 12 dollars in the bank and tell us they have to decide whether to pay their bills or get buy groceries while they have a child in the hospital" says east Texas angel network director Patsy Williams.

For many life could not go on without the network, because it fills so many needs in their lives.

"I don't know where we'd be today if the network didn't exist, anytime you need to talk or cry, they're good at doing all that with you" says Bridwell.

Today was their chance to say "thank you" to McCoy. And say his award was well disserved. Bob Hallmark reporting.


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