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5/18/05-Rains County

13 Years Of Perfect Attendance Among Many Achievements For Student

She's the captain of her high school cheerleading squad, ranks sixth in her graduating class, and has a collection of awards for track and cross country.

All that, and she's never missed a day of school, nor has she ever been tardy to school.

But perfect attendance is no big deal to Asheley Walker, 18, who says she's quite the morning person and would rather go to school sick than stay at home.

"I come to school everyday 'cause I don't want to miss out on the work that we're doing so that I don't have to catch back up and feel like I have all this homework to do at one time."

Mom says, ever since Asheley was a little girl, she's been self-motivated.

"She had a sore throat," Katherine Walker said. "And I was like, Asheley, just stay home. And she just started crying. I was like, don't cry. And she was like, I've got to go to school, Mom."

Even peer pressure does not get to Asheley. Yesterday was "Senior Skip Day," so her classmates were out having fun, but guess where Asheley was.

"I'm like, I can't go, I can't miss school," Asheley said.

Given her love of school, it would only be appropriate that Asheley wants to be a teacher.

"I used to teach my sister on a little Tikes chalkboard with a little Tikes desk and everything, made her sit in it, and I would teach her everything that I learned that day at school. And I felt so important because I was teaching her something."

It's also important to Asheley to go to college because her mother did not. And with 27 hours of university credit, Asheley is already well on her way. She'll attend Oklahoma Christian University" in the fall, where she plans to continue her perfect attendance record.

Her days of teaching her younger sister have really paid off. So far, Asheley's 7th grade sister also has perfect attendance.

Julie Tam, reporting. jtam@kltv.com


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