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Longview Woman Camps Out For New Star Wars Movie

  By midnight on Wednesday, the wait for the latest Star Wars movie will be over. That's when movie theaters all over Longview will show Star Wars: Episode III- Return of the Sith. 

  One woman is already camped out on the lawn of the theater.  Jennifer Russell's life revolves around Star Wars; From her hair with a long braid to her cell phone. The ring tone is the Star Wars theme song.

  It's no wonder, she's first in line to get inside the theater. This isn't the first time she's camped out for Star Wars. "We already started it back on Episode I and we got the first ticket because we were first in line. We had a blast. It was like an all night Star Wars party," says Jennifer. "A lot of the other fans started showing up. Everybody called me Jedi Jen."

  Jedi Jen isn't alone. Mom Jackie, takes the role of supportive mom to a whole new level. "They had to have somebody to cook them meals, so next thing you know I was Jedi Mom," says Jackie.

  To pass the time, Jen and her friend choreographed fight scenes with light sabres. "It's like a hobby, but some hobbies tend to take over your life," admits Jen.

  Jennifer says her Star Wars friends should be joining her in line late Tuesday night. By the way, you don't have to wait in line to buy a ticket to the movie at Movies 9. The tickets are being pre-sold. Jedi Jen is camping out in order to be the first one inside the theater.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com

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