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Police Soon To Look In On Possible Drug Activity Through Cameras

"They were watching a Cowboy game on Sunday and they were drinking and he fell over dead. He died during the night - a heart attack."

Rod Carnahan says all he wants is for folks in Jacksonville to do something about drugs here.  Nineteen months ago, an overdose took his son John's life.

"Everyone agrees we have a drug problem."

Carnahan says the drugs that took his son John's life came from Lincoln Park in the north part of the city. It's a peaceful place most of the time, but on Sunday afternoons especially, folks gather. Sometimes drug deals are made, and the city of Jacksonville says they're putting up a camera to monitor the activity.

"We've spent a lot of time on Sunday afternoons making our presence known," says Lori Thomason, speaking for the police deparment. She says the cameras soon to go up at Lincoln Park and elsewhere will give police an idea of where trouble is brewing.

"It's a safety precaution. What it's doing is that people know it's there, hopefully it's deterring crime more and anything else," she says.

Gail Terrell says folks all over town, and in other communities, should realize drugs are not just a problem in some one else's neighborhood.

"I think we need to be made more aware there is a problem in this town, and not try to cover it up and say our good little town doesn't have a problem, because we do," Terrell says.

As a start, Rod Carnahan is placing signs along busy roads. They're not large, but have the simplest of message for young people.

"I'm hoping some kids will see it and read it and think. Use their heads and stay away from that stuff," he says.

Reported by Morgan Palmer. morganpalmer@kltv.com


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