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Possibly The Cheapest Gas In East Texas

Two gas stations in Pittsburg are in a gas war.

Their prices are more than 30 cents below the average price in our area. The gas stations are across the street from each other on Highway 271 at Lafayette Street.

It's Shell/E-Z Mart vs. Wag-A-Bag. $1.69 at Shell vs. $1.67 at Wag-A-Bag, which is under new ownership. They haven't changed their sign, which still says "Youngblood's Handyman," but they have changed their prices, starting this past weekend.

"We will be the cheapest in town," Linda Gonzalez, manager of Wag-A-Bag, said. "And so if there's someone else that's cheap, we're going to stay below them at all times, no matter what it takes or how long it takes."

"For approximately an hour, we changed our gas prices five, six, seven times," Dennis Zemke, supervisor at the Shell/E-Z Mart, said. "We're in a war. And everybody acknowledges it. So let's play."

Indeed, let the games begin. Shell/E-Z Mart is reporting gas sales 10 times higher than usual. Wag-A-Bag is refilling its gas supply at least three times more often than normal.

"One of my cousins came over here. And he told us that we needed to come over this way 'cause the gas was so cheap," Carlisa Johnson, said, while filling up at Wag-A-Bag. "And so everybody else has been coming this way since the gas is so cheap."

"It took like $40 to fill my truck," Nemen Wilson said about the old gas prices. "And now it only takes $30," he said about Wag-A-Bag.

"I wish it would stay like this," Joe Bradshaw, a Shell/E-Z Mart, said.

But this gas war involves only two sides. The Exxon down the street says they don't want to participate because they'd lose too much money. So they're losing customers, but some people are still willing to pay $1.91.

"The service is what counts," one Exxon customer said.

"It's the company. Everybody wants better gas," Theresa Rhodes, another Exxon customer, said.

Unfortunately for the other drivers, the battle between the two cheaper competitors cannot go on forever because their profits are tanking. The gas stations don't know how long they'll be able to keep prices so low. They say they're just taking it one day at a time.

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Julie Tam, reporting. jtam@kltv.com


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