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Migraines & Acupuncture

Getting rid of migraine pain with needles. Sounds a little weird, but some East Texans claim it works. Dodie Edmonds says she hasn't had a migraine in three months thanks to acupuncture. Randy Zhang, who has practiced acupuncture for 20 years, places the needles in her forehead and hands. Then the needles vibrate for 20 minutes. Zhang and Edmonds believe the needles release endorphins and melt away her pain.

"They balance your body. The ying and yang. When you are balanced the chemicals in your body balance and they help the pain," says Zhang.

"People have said its in your head and I say if it's in my head it is OK. I don't care," says Edmonds.

A recent study in the Journal of American Medical Association looked at whether acupuncture really works.

In a study over 8 weeks, they gave one group of people real acupuncture and the other group fake acupuncture. The fake acupuncture placed needles in all the wrong spots. Even so, both groups claimed they had healing benefits. Zhang says that's because placing needles anywhere in your body relieves pain. Medical doctors say it means the benefit is all in your head.

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