Collegiate teams use Halloween spirit to make practice spooky and fun

Collegiate teams use Halloween spirit to make practice spooky and fun

Sunday, TJC women's soccer came back from a 2-0 deficit to tie and eventually take down Navarro College in overtime. It was a down to the wire win that will now allow the Apaches to move on in their quest to reach the national tournament. So today it was back to practice, but not in their regular attire.

"Yesterday after the game, our assistant coach said everyone wear your [Halloween] costumes to practice tomorrow. So we we're all pretty pumped," said Cooper Mullins, Apaches forward.

Sporting their Halloween outfits, the women celebrated their victory for one more day until the real grind begins.

"This is kind of a sigh of relief just this practice. Getting everyone to kind of relax a little bit and know that we still have some fun left in this," said Christina Hendershot, Apaches goalkeeper.

"I think the girls are prepared and now we are going to let them get some stress out of them. Then the next couple of days we will buckle down and figure out our game plan," said Corey Rose, TJC women's soccer head coach.

The Apaches weren't the only team using the holiday to release some tension and prepare for an important stretch of games.

"We've had a really good season so far, and we've been working hard as a team. We come into practice everyday and but it, knowing we are playing for something bigger this weekend," said Reighanna Guzman, Patriots setter.

Across town, the UT Tyler Patriots volleyball team is preparing for their own trip to nationals, that begins with winning the ASC tournament this weekend.

"The group of girls that we have are silly in general, but this is kind of a fun thing to do that we can take a little stress off and get done what we need to get done," said Brooke Regalado, Patriots libero.

It may seem like an nontraditional way to focus, but both the Apaches and the Patriots said they play the game because it's fun, wearing costumes was just a bonus.

"We have school that's very stressful, we have life that happens, so this is like when we come in here this is our family. We have our sisters. It's nice to just come in here and let everything go and just have fun with it," said Regalado.

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