Gift of Love: Gracie

Gift of Love: Gracie

(KLTV) - It's a little girl's dream: walking into a store and getting to pick out anything she wants! That is exactly what sweet 3-year-old Gracie got to do at Build-A-Bear. Gracie's is a lovable and smart child that needs a forever family.

"She likes to run, she like to play, she likes swinging and be read to and held and playing with other kids," foster mother Glenda Thompson said.

Gracie knows some of her ABC's and can count to 10 and enjoys nursery rhymes and cartoons.

This sweet little girl requires 24 hour nursing care for feeding and aspiration risk.  She wears a backpack that has her formula in it and this is attached to her JG button.

"She has a GJ tube. And that means her feeding all goes into her bowel. And that she can't tolerate any food in her stomach," Thompson said.
Thompson says doctors have yet to find out why Gracie can't eat. She's also had open heart surgery and has severe sleep apnea. Gracie's adoptive family will need to be prepared for all the obstacles that she faces on a daily basis.

"Probably some one that has some knowledge with medical. She does get nursing just because when you don't have a nurse you have to know what to do," Thompson said.

Gracie also likes to play with baby dolls and coloring. She hopes to find a family that will play with her and give her lost of hugs and kisses.

"To find her a home that will love her and take care of her," Thompson said.

And most importantly, show this sweet little girl the Gift of Love.

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