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5/16/05-Ore City

Teen Found Dead, Four Arrested

Four people were arrested today, three of them juveniles, in the case of the missing Ore City teen, found murdered yesterday.

Investigators say 17 year old Joshua Petrea was stabbed to death. His body was found in a wooded area off Shiloh Road in Gregg County, just north of White Oak.

Hours after they learned of Joshua's death, those who loved him gathered at his home. His mother, struggled with why this happened. "I don't understand why this happened to him. I don't understand how someone could hurt that baby. All he did was give," says Carol Petrea.

Investigators say Saturday, 18 year old Terry Landry used a shotgun to get control over Joshua, by threatening him. It's not clear where that took place, but reports show Landry and the other suspects put Joshua into the trunk of a car. Reports then show they took him to the location on Shiloh Road where he was killed.

His mother says she knew something wasn't right when he didn't come home on Saturday. "He would call and say, 'mom this is where I was'. He didn't call," says Carol.

Today his family reminded each other of the good times. "We would have reunions at one of our houses and I remember Josh taking a candle stick one time, singing for everyone. H would sing with these big bright eyes," says Josh's aunt Glory.

Joshua was a top student at Ore City and active in his church. Through tears, Carol had a powerful message for all parents. "Be there for them. Listen to them. Listen to what they're not saying because sometimes that's the most important thing."

The family says the motive behind the murder centered around jealousy over a girl. Funeral arrangements for Joshua have not yet been set.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com

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