Better East Texas: Honor veterans

Better East Texas: Honor veterans

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Nov. 11 is Veteran's Day and, as if we needed any reason to thank veterans, it is the official day to celebrate and thank them for their service.

It is also a federal holiday. The past several years, problems with the Veteran's Administration's treatment of veterans have come to light. Issues mainly deal with the medical care our veterans are offered and the process of receiving that care. We have heard of several testimonies where veterans have died waiting for care. It has been a sad story.

Congress recently studied the problem and found there are multiple systemic fail points but truly very little has been done since to improve care for our veterans. The next president and Congress will most certainly have to address this ongoing challenge.

You would think it would be relatively simple to admit there is a problem, design a solution and execute the plan. But our federal government seems unable to make progress on this. I mentioned that Veteran's Day is federal holiday.

Congress should resist taking this holiday for themselves and commit to developing a solution so that our veterans are truly honored on Veteran's Day and every day. The theme of Veteran's Day 2016 is "Courage – Honoring All Who Served". That theme is laughable considering the current state of parts of the VA system.

Now, there must be some bright spots but any veteran being neglected is too many. Honor our vets, thank them, and we will truly have a Better East Texas.

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