Better East Texas: Domestic violence a problem for NFL

Better East Texas: Domestic violence a problem for NFL

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The New York Giants football team recently fired their kicker Josh Brown.

It wasn't for missing kicks – it was for domestic abuse.

In today's world and especially with the spotlight that has been on the NFL in the past two years with the Ray Rice termination after domestic abuse and even the case of Adrian Peterson, domestic abuse is not tolerated in the league. But that is exactly what happened.

It was only after media coverage about the domestic abuse incident that Brown was fired. The league appears to have known something about Brown's history and even went as far as to move his family to an undisclosed location during the Pro Bowl last season to prevent the kicker for having contact with his family.  And it appears there were other documented crimes that were not addressed properly.

So the NFL is responsible as well for being at least partially negligent in the case. This the same league that pledged to address instances of domestic violence with swift and severe punishment which they failed miserably in this case. Domestic violence continues to be a problem and the NFL, already plagued with a reputation of division between the players and league management needs to search for an answer and fans and viewers need to be the final check on this.

The league will operate with autonomy so there is not that much that can be done from the outside but it is negligence, carried out by the league that allowed this crime to be unaddressed.

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