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Forecasters Predict Busy Hurricane Season

Last summer, the southeast was hit by four major hurricanes. With hurricane season just around the corner, some may be wondering what this summer has in store. Forecasters are saying it could be just as bad as last year.

Conditions are ripe for another busy and possibly dangerous Atlantic hurricane season. This year, forecasters expect three major storms and seven to nine hurricanes in all. Last year, the predictions weren't much different, but no one anticipated four back-to-back storms over a six week period.

Florida bore the brunt of Charley, Frances, Ivan and then Jeanne. Some areas were hit more than once and many are still recovering. The state suffered tens of billions of dollars in damage. While scientists can more accurately track hurricanes than ever before, it's impossible to know how strong they will get or where they will come ashore, if anywhere.

The message this year is: learn from last year and be prepared for flooding and tornadoes, even if you live inland. The National Hurricane Center says it's smart to stock up on supplies early, and if you do have to evacuate your home, remember you probably don't have to drive 100s of miles away to be safe.
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