Proud of East Texas: The Holman House

Proud of East Texas: The Holman House

PITTSBURG, TX (KLTV) - Opening scenes from the motion picture Unwanted set the mood for the terrors to come.

The movie's producer-director, Paul Foster, a native East Texan, admits that Pittsburg's historic old Holman house strangely influenced his script, even before filming began.

"It's a fictional story, but you can say it's inspired by the history of the house," says Foster.

Foster had written a script about a haunted house and a ghost named Mary. When he began scouting locations, he found just the right setting in Holman House, and to his surprise, it included a resident spirit named Mary.

"My main character's name was Mary. I had never heard the story of this house prior to writing the script. And she died from tuberculosis," says Foster.

Little Mary, a child spirit who has appeared frequently, is thought to be the Holman daughter, who died of consumption in 1912 at the age of twelve.

Holman house owners, Carla and Robert Peoples, say they have seen apparitions of several of the Holman family, Carla has even had conversations with little Mary.

There is even a doll, thought to be Mary's, that constantly shows up different places throughout the house.

"She absolutely had run of the house. She appears on couches, appears on beds."

Foster has changed the script of Unwanted many times to include, what he calls the 'history of the house.' Including a chandelier that flutters in the breeze when there is no breeze and music from an old Victrola that seems to turn itself on.

Foster, who spent several nights in the Holman house during filming, felt someone intently staring at him to the point, as he describes it, of making the hair on the back of his head stand up.

"I was so creeped out about it I put it in the film," says Foster.

Carla and Robert Peoples say they do want to stay in the Holman House and have never been frightened by their resident spirits, except perhaps once when Carla was rudely shoved against the wall.

For the most part, though, the Peoples are happy to share their house wit the Holman's and with the movie audiences of Unwanted.

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