Overton Mustangs look to take it to the next level for district championship

Overton Mustangs look to take it to the next level for district championship

At first glance, the Overton Mustangs look like your typical small town football team. But for the first time since 2012, this 30 man roster has the opportunity to take home a prized district title.

"Winning this district championship for these kids, it would be unbelievable for them," said Richard Strickland, first year head football coach for Overton.

"We've definitely talked about it a lot and said this is our chance, now," said Jacob Marshall, Mustangs quarterback.

"It's really exciting but no matter what we have a job to do," said Darius Herndon, Mustangs tackle.

The Mustangs have always been competitive, however a recent coaching change may be the reason this season has the city celebrating every Friday night.

"Without the coaching staff that we have now, I think we would never be we're we at today," said Herndon.

"It's definitely change out program around. We've actually got confidence in ourselves, with him," said Marshall.

Helping both Carthage and Henderson win state championships, first year head coach Richard Strickland is taking his big time experience and scaling it down. Bringing out the best in each one of his athletes.

"Kids are kids. They are able to process whether it's in Henderson or Overton. For the most part, about the same IQ level when talking "football IQ" you just have to teach them," said Coach Strickland.

Under Coach Strickland's instruction, Overton has not only succeeded as a team, but as individuals. In week two of district action, Quarterback Jacob Marshall crushed two school records with 5 touchdown passes and 241 passing yards against Mount Enterprise.

"Offensive line, they get credit for everything I get. I know my brother actually got in the game, gave him a touchdown pass and a run. But, it gives everyone confidence when we get together and score a lot." said Marshall.

Next on the Mustangs schedule is a Tenaha Tigers team ranked 5th in the state in class 2A. The Tigers have a bite that's worse then their roar, and while the green can be just as mean, Overton will be considered underdogs Friday night. A fact that doesn't phase this small team, looking to make a huge statement.

"We are a team, we are a family. We can show them who we really are, so when they come to play us they are going to know are names," said Herndon.

Tenaha vs. Overton is "Game of the Week" for The Red Zone. Be sure to catch highlights and post game sound Friday night at 10:30.

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