Gift of Love: Levi

Gift of Love: Levi

It was a blast for Levi and me as we made our way around the Putt Putt golf course. This 12-year-old is a pretty good shot. Levi says his favorite thing about being in the 7th grade is...

"Math and reading," Levi said.

Fractions and decimals are his favorite. Levi does well in his class work. He is a bright child, and needs structure and supervision as he interacts in the school setting. Levi also likes P.E. and playing sports.

"Play basketball on the basketball court and read," Levi said.
Levi says he really likes to read mystery novels. He is also a Michael Jackson fan and loves to listen to his music.

Levi hopes to one day attend Oregon University and play for their football team. As for a career, he's considering two options right now.

"A firefighter or a preacher," Levi said.

Levi says he wants to help people.

As for his favorite foods, Levi is just like other kids his age!

"Pizza or McDonalds or Taco Bell. What about for dessert? Vanilla shake," Levi said. He also likes nachos!

Levi hopes to have a forever family with a mom and a dad and a couple of siblings. Levi understands and is ready for adoption. He is still working through his grief process and is making wonderful progress.

"Because I like having family members to talk to," Levi said.

He also hopes to have a couple of dogs!

"An Alaskan Husky and a German Shepard," Levi said.

Levi hopes to have a family that likes to be outdoors but more importantly, Levi needs a family to show him the Gift of Love.

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