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Marshall Explosion Evacuees Allowed Back Home

       Officials now estimate "50" Harrison county residents have been forced out of their homes. Their story began yesterday morning at 2 o'clock when a pipe exploded at the Harrison county plant project. It's located at highway 43 about 8 miles southwest of Marshall. After meeting with company reps this morning, evacuated residents are not happy. Being told it was a rare occurrence and the danger is over, but not being let back to their homes.

     "Its an inconvenience that i don't like and i don't think their telling us the truth, they won't let us go back and take care of our animals i have medication i need they won't let me go get it" said evacuated resident Roger Jones.

     They all got out of their homes with nothing more than the clothes their still wearing. Company spokesman say that while air quality is being checked in the explosion area, their concern is the residents safety.

      "We understand their frustration, we as a company are trying to get in to check out the line, we're not about to send them into situation where their safety could be at risk" said Entergy spokesman Rick Rainey.

     But overwhelmingly residents feel theres something they're not being told.

     "They're not telling us the whole truth, i would rather they told me it was their fault than to beat around the bush and lie to me" said evacuee Daryl George.

    "If i hear a noise I'm going to be expecting another explosion, are we going to make it out the next time" said Harrison county resident Kathy Jones.

 Late tonight the evacuees were told they could return to their homes. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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