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Second Train Derails Near Pritchett

Less than 24 hours after re-opening repaired tracks in Upshur county, a second train has derailed in the exact same spot. It happened this morning in Pritchett on the tracks parallel to hwy 155 near f-m 1404. Early this morning several Union Pacific train cars derailed, dumping a load of brand new automobiles into the ravine on a bridge over pass. Dozens of the cars were crushed.

"Right now theres a tanker sitting over there on the other side of the bridge that is in the creek and we don't know whats in it" said local resident Christie Files.

Locals had tried to get back to normal after a Wednesday morning derailment at the same location where 21 cars crashed off the tracks.

"We've been fortunate that there were no chemicals on these cars, no chemical spills" said Mike Files.

Residents say sloppy work by railroad repair crews, the first time, made this second derailment a sure thing.

"I think it boils down to a lack of maintenance, routine maintenance would take care of this, routine maintenance probably would have kept this from happening" Mike Files said.

At several spots railroad spikes were only half driven. The second incident in 3 days, has those who live near the tracks worried about whats next. No word from Union Pacific on when the railway will be reopened.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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